Little Dragons are our 5-7 year old warriors. Read more to learn about Four Dragons littlest members

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Four Dragons Dojo – Zennin Martial Arts instructor Shihan Kane Freemantle in conjunction with qualified school teachers have developed a specific karate training syllabus for primary school aged children between 5 and 7 years old…

They gain the same benefits and more from martial arts training as adults but is presented in a way to specifically meet their needs. Zennin Martial Arts can meet individual needs through specially designed training programs to allow everyone to reach their maximum potential.

The aims & objectives of the Zennin Martial Arts – Little Dragons Kidz karate program are:

  • To Provide basic martial arts based training
  • To provide basic self defence skills
  • To develop a healthy attitude towards self
  • To develop a healthy attitude towards sport
  • To develop basic motor skills
  • To develop group socialization
  • To develop c0-operation with others
  • To develop basic discipline
  • To have fun!


  • Class details:          Tuesday nights only 5.30-6.00pm
  • Cost:                         $50 per school term
  • Registration:          Forms to be completed & returned ASAP – Register online here
  • Location:                 Where are we?