Sensei Quiz Whitford
Sensei Quiz Whitford
3rd Dan Zennin Karate - 1st Dan Zennin Thai Kickboxing

Sensei Quiz has been training with 4 Dragons Dojo since 2006 where he graded for his Blue Belt at the National grading and was awarded a Gold Medal, consequently he has received Gold Medals for all of his grading’s up to Black Belt in 2009. He traveled to Melbourne to grade for his 1st Dan Black Belt in August 2010 and performed exceptionally well, representing 4 Dragons Dojo in nothing less than the high standards he sets for himself.

Sensei Quiz is currently a 3rd Dan Black Belt in ZDK and at a 1st Dan in Zennin Thai Kickboxing. As a senior student of 4 Dragons Dojo he assists the four instructors wherever he can, helping with the Zennin Kidz and Adult classes alike. Quiz has an excellent attitude, traditional values and strives for excellence. Quiz enjoys assisting with others achieving their goals and growing stronger in confidence and skills.

  • Current Rank: 3rd Dan Black Belt
  • Title: Sensei
  • Zennin Thai Kickboxing Tank: 1st Dan

Other Interests
Family, Surfing, Cycling, Golf, The Outdoors, Pretty much anything that keeps me active.

Training Strengths
Sensei Quiz leads by example, he gets stuck in and gives 100% to everything he does. He sets high standards for himself which cascades down to fellow students.

How Did You Get Into Martial Arts
I have always been interested in Martial Arts since childhood but to whatever reason never actually got around to joining. It wasn’t until I had children when I thought that it would be a good sport for kids to be involved in, so in 2006 I joined 4 Dragons dojo with my Daughter who is also a 2nd Dan, My son has since joined and is currently a Black Belt.

Shihan Greg Nesbitt
Shihan Greg Nesbitt
5th Dan Zennin Karate - 1st Dan Zennin Thai Kickboxing

Renshi Greg is one of the four founding members of Four Dragons Dojo, and is considered to represent the Yellow Dragon.
Renshi Greg successfully graded for his Blue belt during the first year of his training in 1997 and ten years later in 2007 achieved Sandan (3rd degree Black belt) and the title of Sensei.

After spending 5 years as the Kidz Karate instructor, Renshi Greg now concentrates mainly on training adults in Zennin, and since attaining his Black Singlet in Zennin Thai Kickboxingi (1st degree instructor) helps out with taking the kickboxing classes.
Four Dragons is fortunate to have four equal ranked instructors with four differing ways of passing on their knowledge, so the students are exposed to a well rounded view of martial arts philosophies and styles within the teachings of Zennin.
 Current Rank: 5th Degree Black belt
 Title: Shihan
 Thai kickboxing – (1st degree)
Other Intrests
Motorcycling, cooking, travelling, music, and spending time with my grandkids ( 8 so far) and beautiful wife. – only one
Training Strengths: never give up trying
How did you get into Martial arts?
A late starter, when I was a bit past 40, I was on a wee fitness kick, and felt like I needed some more structured exercise and training. Enter Zennin!
Any Advice to new students or anyone interested in joining? Follow your dreams pursue your interests, and always remember: LIMITATIONS YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD…… DON’T EXIST
Teaching Philosophy
.. as above

Shihan Billy Ellery
Shihan Billy Ellery
5th Dan Zennin Karate - 5th Dan Zennin Thai Kickboxing

Shihan Billy is one of the four founding members of Four Dragons Dojo Upper Hutt and has a no nonsense approach to training that often bleeds out into his adaptation of Zennin.

This agressive interpretaion is often reflected in his students as students are a reflection of there trainers. Shihan Billy started training in 1996 and is fully commited to the style , An instructor (Sempai) level was awarded in 2003 and ownership of the Adult’s training classes instigated in the same year. In 2000 Billy started Thai Kickboxing under Dau Draig and in 2008 started our own Thai kickboxing club under the Four Dragons banner . Shihan Billy is one of the Senior Adult instructors Zennin Martial Arts and is the head Zennin Thai Kickboxing instructor.
Four Dragons Dojo’s under the senior instructors in Upper Hutt have alway’s done extremely well in National Gradings (Senjo) and their students regularly achieve medal status at these gradings. This is high quality level of instruction is now educating Thai fighters for the Kick Boxing arena with some excellent results.

  • Current Rank: 5th Degree Black Belt
  • Title: Shihan
  • Zennin Thai kickboxing – 5th degree

Other interests:
Family time is a must and a balance of Zennin, Thai Kickboxing, Gym , Squash and Work keeps me very busy. I do like kicking back on a sunny day with some mates , family with a beer or three.

Training strengths:
Shihan Billy has always had been hard nosed martial artist that has been fueled by Thai Kickboxing instruction. His ruthless fighting instruction and style is his strength, Since 2nd Dan( Dai Sempai) he has really come to appreciate the power achieved through correct technical grabs, holds and throws. This amalgamation of skills has earned him a reputation as an aggressive martial artist that loves helping others realize what these skills done correctly can do. This has lead to several adult ‘National Champions’ over the last 15 years and recently some very good Thai Fighters. Another major strength of Four Dragons Zennin Martial Arts is the fact there are four instructors with four distinct styles within the discipline.

How did you get into martial arts?
Funnily it was on a challange laid down by Kyoshi Shane Longstaff. He had tuned up to my work to collect some goods and popped the boot. Being a Kyoshi of course the boot was laden with all manners of nasty weapons not unpacked from a session the night before. I gave a dig ( I think I used the phrase ‘Wanna be Ninja’) and the challenge to have a go was laid down. Never taking a step back I gave it a crack. I’d always been interested in Martial Arts and had tried a few like Judo but I hadn’t they didn’t really hook me like Zennin did. I was made to feel at home and welcomed in warmly. Since then I haven’t looked back, I have been committed to the club and style since 1998 and it’s now a family thing with both my kids actively taking part.

Any advice to new students or students interested in joining?
Walking in the door the first time takes guts. Coming back again takes heart. Quitters never win and winners never quit.Which one are you?


Shihan Kane Freemantle
Shihan Kane Freemantle
5th Dan Zennin Karate - 3rd Dan Zennin Thai Kickboxing

Shihan Kane Freemantle is one of the 4Dragons martial arts founding members & provides a wealth of experience & knowledge.
Shihan Kane is the head junior 4Dragons instructor and brings an excellent balance of fun & variety, with a real focus towards tradition & respect within the dojo.
Shihan Kane has recently designed & developed a new format for the “Little Dragons” kidz class, specifically for 5-7year old students.
This enables children to meet their individual needs through a specially designed training program which allows individuals to reach their maximum potential.
Shihan Kane has been training in martial arts for over 20years.. Styles include Go-Kan-Ryu, Zen Do Kai, BJC Muay Thai, Green Gloves boxing club & currently Zennin martial arts. Shihan Kane is also a founding member of Zennin Martial Arts & a representative within the Zennin Martial Arts NZ committee.

Current Rank:         5th Degree Black Belt
Title:                         Shihan
Thai kickboxing –  Kru (3rd degree)

Other Interests
Spending time with my family of 8, playing golf, fishing, surfing, watching rugby “well actually most sports”, socializing with family & friends, nutrition, gym & anything that involves physical fitness in general…

Training Strengths
Shihan Kane has a strong reputation as a Kata “Form” specialist within the 4Dragons martial arts ranks. This has lead to several junior & adult national champions’ over the last 20 years. Another major strength of Zennin martial arts through “4Dragons dojo” is the ability to provide its students with a real opportunity to apply modern principals with traditional martial arts values…

How did you get into Martial Arts training?
I’d always been interested in martial arts as a young boy, but I never had the opportunity to train until I was in my early twenties. I first started Go-Kan-Ryu in 1996 but ended up converting over to Zen Do Kai in 1998 after Sensei Andrew Gibson an old employer of mine suggested that I check out the local Upper Hutt club … Well it’s 20 years later & I’m still training in Upper Hutt & a founding member of 4Dragons Dojo, with over 100 students.

Any advice for new students or anyone interested in joining?
Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles & less than perfect conditions. So what. GET STARTED NOW. With each step you take, you will grow stronger & stronger, more & more skilled, more & more self confident & more & more successful – Mark Victor Hanen

Teaching Philosophy:
“When you see a worthy person endeavour to emulate him…when you see and unworthy person then examine your inner self”


  • Four Dragons Martial Arts was founded on 20th Aug 2007 “The dragon concept relates to the history of Kobun & Dau Draig Dojo’s both having 2 dragons within it”.
  • The Dragon represents fighting spirit & wisdom. From the Dragon we learn to ” ride the wind ” meaning the Dragon is especially noted for its flexibility, it uses simple, basic techniques with a challenging strategy of movement complementary to the opponent’s ( when he advances, I retreat; when he retreats, I advance ).Prefers zigzagging motions. The Dragon has a lot of floating motion and a lot of rising and falling,swinging around, whipping as well as twisting and turning movements to overcome its adversaries. The Dragon helps develop inner strength.
  • A white circle surrounds the fours coloured Dragons “white a symbol of purity” & the circle is a reflection of what goes around comes around.
  • Within the centre of our logo – Insert the meaning of the Zennin “ male, female & kanji for zennin centre etc… 
  • Placeholder
  • The Four Dragons Dojo’s colours – Each dragon represents one of the four founding members… YELLOW, BLUE, WHITE & RED









  • Yellow/Gold Dragon, represented by Shihan Greg Nesbitt – Hatamoto (most trusted one) – this person and represented by the colour yellow. People who follow this path are revered as the loyal and trustworthy;
  • Blue Dragon, represented by Sensei Reg Davies – Yamabushi (spiritual – Mountain warrior) The meaning of the color blue is peace, calm and spirituality. Blue soothes us, body mind and spirit.
  • White Dragon, represented by Shihan Kane Freemantle – This person has a spiritual representation of a higher understanding, reflecting a purest attitude & is represented by the colour white.
  • Red Dragon, represented by Shihan Billy Ellery – Yakuza (Fighting warrior) – person with the most aggressive personality and fighting skill represented by the colour red