Bank account details

If you require our bank account details please use the link below to email us and we will send them to you. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Name of student
  • reason for payment
  • club (if not Four Dragons)
  • Reference ( words you will use on deposit so we can see your payment)

Email 4Dragons – bank account details request

Registration cost

For all new students there is a one off registration fee of $60.00

Kids Karate – Zennin Martial Arts

At Four Dragons Martial Arts we offer 2 FREE sessions as a trial… We want you to make sure that Four Dragons Martial Arts is right for you…

  •  The Little Dragons (5-7 year olds) train 1 night a week – Tuesday night only, cost to you $50 per school term… ( Each grading is an additional $10 for tips and certificate)
  •  Zennin Juniors (7- 14 year olds) train 2 nights a week – That’s Tuesday & Thursday night, cost to you $100 per school term…

If you have two people from the same family training at Four Dragons, the 2nd person will only be charged $50 per school term. If you have 3 or more family members training within Four Dragons, the 3rd will be only charged $25per school term…


Senior Zennin Thai Kickboxing & Zennin Karate

  • $100 per School Term
  • $50 per month or
  • $20.00 per session ( Casual )

All new comers can enjoy their first TWO training sessions for free.

Members are welcome to pay in advance if preferred with all payments expected before training on any respected training day

Grading prices

Yellow Belt =$50 Orange Belt =$60 Blue Belt =$70
Green Belt =$80 Brown Belt =$100 Shodan =$200*
Nidan = $200* Sandan = $200*
*Intermediate (under 18) =25% Discount *Juniors (under 14) =50% Discount